Slate Roof Sydney & NSW

Experienced and Skilled in NSW

Since arriving in Australia, our company is fast becoming the preferred Sydney slate roofing. We bring you more than 20 years of experience. We are located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, but we offer our services right across Sydney and New South Wales.

All work is carried out with Scott Barton on-site, and all our quality tradesmen are fully qualified and licensed. We guarantee that our work is of the highest quality with absolute attention to detail. That way, we leave all our customers completely satisfied.

Slate tiles and slate roof materials have been used for many centuries. It’s still considered by many people the most high quality, durable, long-lasting & environmentally roofing option on the market. When you invest in slate tiles you are not only getting an aesthetically pleasing roof tile but one that will stand the test of time and Sydney’s varying & often harsh weather elements. Some slate tiles have been known to last more than 150 years.

The best part about getting First Class Slate to install your new slate roof is our 20-year guarantee on all work. If you also need any slate roof repair work carried out we are here to help. We are known Sydney wide for our slate roof repair work on universities, residential homes, schools, and government buildings.

Heritage Slate Roof Installations & Repairs Sydney

If you have an existing heritage slate roof and you feel that it’s time for some remedial or repair work, you can rest easy with our iron-clad guarantee for all our slate roof repair work. We are skilled at identifying any issues with your current slate roof (such as cracks, broken tiles or leaks) and immediately fixing them to protect your place from any water damage. You can rest easy knowing that the team at First Class Slate roofing is working on your slate roof.

If you’re still wondering about slate tiles and how they will add value to your home and are keen to get a better understating of the options available, or just need some of your slate roof tiles repaired, we are more than happy to help.

Highest Quality Materials

In order to get an excellent outcome for every project, we use only the highest quality materials. This can be Welsh Penryhn, Cwt-y-Bugails, Canadian Glendyne, or Spanish Cafersa. Each of these offers its own qualities, but all of them provide the same durability. So you can rest assured you’ll get a long-lasting and beautiful result. Your roof will be finished to the highest possible standards.

Since slate has a life expectancy of around a hundred years, it will outlast you, and probably the building as well. But even so, we offer you a 20-year new roof written guarantee on all our new slate roofs in Sydney. Based on experience though, we’ve found that it’s very unlikely clients will need it. Aside from the 20-year guarantee we also offer a written guarantee on all slate roof repairs. If you’re looking for slate roofing Sydney, look no further than First Class Slate.


First Class Slate are specialists in copper roofing Sydney and rheinzink roofing, with the experience and skill required to apply it to heritage or new roofs.

So contact us now for a free quote, or to find out more about how you can add prestige to your slate roofing project.