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4 Reasons Why Lead Roofing Is Ideal for Your Home

Why is lead used for roofing? What makes it different from other roofing solutions?

The answer is plain and simple: lead roofing offers many advantages for property developers and home owners.

Here are some characteristics of lead that make it the ideal roofing material for any building project.




Lead is a malleable metal that can be moulded into different shapes to create a variety of flashing designs that suit many different types of roof. Lead sheets can easily be manipulated, adjusted and formed into various shapes to accommodate substrate irregularities.


Lead is one of the most durable metals, making this a strong and long-lasting roofing solution that can withstand varying temperatures. This is one of the reasons why lead roof flashing is ideal to use on buildings that are constantly exposed to various elements and different atmospheric conditions.


Lead roofing, like slate roofing, is aesthetically pleasing. It adds a distinctive finish to a roof and ages beautifully unlike many synthetic substitutes, such as asphalt, GRP fibreglass and single ply roofing materials. It also provides a pleasant finish that can be exposed or painted, making the roof more refined and aesthetically appealing.

Fire and Corrosion-Resistance

Rust and fire are two factors that cause damage to a roof, resulting to problems in the foundation of the structure. But these are not a problem with lead. Lead can withstand lightning storms as this material does not catch fire. Lead roofing also lasts longer as it is resistant to corrosion. Apart from this, lead is also radiation and sound resistant, which makes this roofing material important to the structural integrity of a building.

These are the reasons why many property developers and property owners rely on lead roofing when building their desired structure. If you want to build a strong, aesthetically pleasing structure, or plan to repair your property, consider using lead for your roofing needs.

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