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What to do if your roof leaks in a Sydney summer storm?

It’s no secret that the climate is changing and we are experiencing more & heavier storms in Sydney especially during …

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Top 3 Slate Roof Issues in Sydney

If you own a house in Sydney and currently have a slate roof, or are in the process of thinking …

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Mistakes people make when choosing a roofing contractor

Many home owners will put any type of roof repairs last on their to do list. In fact they will …

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Should I have my slate roof inspected, even if it’s not leaking?

This is a common question that many homeowners ignore, as they believe if ‘it is not broken why fix it’? …

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Need to hire a roofer? These six tips will help make your selection process easier.

Not many householders in Sydney will pay much attention to their roof until something happens like a leak, tiles are …

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Some of the most common Roofing Problems

Your roof essentially is the barrier between your precious house and the outside environment. In Sydney’s harsh climate you need …

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