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5 Reasons Why Slate Roofing is the Best Choice in Sydney

A slate roof is the crowning glory of any building. That’s because slate has a lustre and an elegance that is unmatched by any other material. It is also durable, fireproof, and environmentally friendly.

Today, architects are rediscovering this unique material and many new Sydney homes are standing proudly with new slate roofing.


Here are five reasons why slate deserves the attention of anyone looking to roof their home.

1. Slate is durable

There are buildings that still have their original slate roofs that have lasted over 400 years, but slate roofing is expected to last 100 years with only minor maintenance issues. You may wait over 200 years before any real restoration work is required, but regular checks once every ten years or so are essential.

Slate is a natural stone and stands up against the extremes of the Australian climate. Even in freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls in the mountains, or in the hottest deserts on the continent, slate maintains its looks and its robust protection against the elements.

2. Slate withstands fire

Slate keeps you safe from fire because slate is quarried stone, and does not burn. A slate roof will protect your house in a bushfire because it does not catch alight as embers fly through the bush. So if you are building in a place surrounded by trees, a slate roof is your best choice.

3. Slate is beautiful

This fantastic roofing material comes in a variety of textures and colours and you can choose one to fit your colour scheme. You can match the surrounding bush or make your new home stand out on your tree-lined street just by choosing from the wide range on offer. Shades run from dark green to a light blue-grey and even grey-violet.

Slate also comes in many textures and grains, from a rough-veined look to silky smooth, but whichever slate finish you choose you can be sure it will look beautiful for decades.

4. The versatility of slate

Slate can be crafted for unique effect. It can be shaped and cut to size to make a distinct feature like a gazebo, or a domed area. This is a job for well-trained and experienced craftsmen, but if your architect has a vibrant imagination and strong technical skills, you can have slate roofing customised to fit almost any requirements.

5. Slate is environmentally kind

Unlike some roofing materials that end up in landfill after only 50 years or so, slate lasts and lasts. There is also no manufacturing process, so slate doesn’t emit poisonous toxins into the air or create problems during demolition or repair work.

Slate roofing can make your new Sydney home look wonderful, but it will also give you enormous peace of mind.