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DIY VS Professional Slate Roof Repairs

These days, it has become much easier for people to choose the DIY route whenever something goes wrong around the house. With the wealth of information available online, all one has to do is check out home improvement and maintenance websites to find a solution to their problems. Even certain home repair tasks previously undertaken only by professionals are now performed by homeowners themselves. One of these is slate roof repairs.

Up On The Roof

But, however confident you are of your DIY skills, bear in mind that repairing slate roofs isn’t for the faint of heart. One wrong move and you may end up causing more damage to your roof or worse, seriously injure yourself. So before attempting to undertake any repair work, it’s vital that you understand which tasks are suitable for you and easy enough to handle yourself, and which ones require the expert touch of professionals.

When to DIY…

The best thing about handling roof repairs yourself is that you don’t need to wait on anybody’s schedule. You know which areas need repair because it is, after all, your home and you want to make sure the job gets done efficiently. However, trying to do the repairs when you are not properly trained or have the appropriate tools for it can only be disastrous. Thus, here are the tasks suitable for the average homeowner:

  • Monitoring the roof for damage – The best thing a homeowner can do is to monitor the roof for signs of damage. Leaks, cracks, misaligned tiles and evidence of mould or rot are some of the things you need to keep an eye on. When any of these signs appear, you can alert roofing professionals so they can conduct an in-depth inspection. Take note though that some roofing problems aren’t always visible or noticeable. Hence, arranging professional inspections regularly is advisable, especially for older Sydney slate roofing.
  • Removing leaves and other debris – Another task homeowners can take on is clearing the roof and gutters or downpipes from branches, leaves and other debris. However, make sure to use the appropriate safety equipment.

When to Go Pro…

Many homeowners have attempted to handle roofing problems themselves, but very often these DIY jobs don’t end up well. Going for professional repairs is undoubtedly the best choice, especially for these tasks:

  • Re-nailing and repositioning of misaligned tiles – Slates are known and preferred for their durability. However, they too may become damaged or loose over time. When this happens, have the pros carry out the needed repairs. Slate experts, like our team here at First Class Slate, have the equipment and experience needed to deal with this problem. We are also adept at all types of roof repair including those for copper and lead roofing.
  • Possum proofing – Another task that is best left to professionals is possum proofing. Possums may seem cute and cuddly; however, they can easily move into roof spaces and cause significant damage. They are capable of dislodging roof tiles and cappings, and chew on electrical wires.
  • Repairing of heritage tiles – Heritage tile repair and restoration is something that no amateur should attempt to undertake at all. It requires specialist knowledge, expert techniques and only the best materials. If you are unskilled and try to do the job yourself, you may only compromise the integrity and aesthetics of your building. This is why it’s important to trust only fully trained and qualified people for the job.