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Four Common Roofing Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Taking easy shortcuts may be good. But, when it comes to roofing repairs and installation, it’s better to take slow and careful steps to avoid mistakes that may cause more damage on your property, or worse jeopardise your safety.

Since your roof functions as a system, some minor oversights may become major problems in the long run. Hence, you should be vigilant and be aware of potential lapses or errors during the repair or installation of your metal or slate roofing.

Error In The Positioning Of Tiles On The Roof

By learning these common roofing mistakes and the ways to avoid them, you can protect your investment and save yourself the hassle of facing severe roofing problems in the future.

  1. Incorrect Starter Shingle Installation

Many roofers make the mistake of installing the starter shingles upside down while others leave them out completely. These errors often lead to roof leaks and shingle delamination. To avoid this roofing mistake, install correct starter for each shingle along the eaves. This way, you can prevent the water from penetrating the sheathing under the bottom shingles’ cutouts.

  1. Pitch and Slope Errors

The slope and pitch of a roof determines what kind of materials are needed to prevent water from entering your home. This is why it’s important to pay close attention to the slopes, otherwise your roof will be at risk of water leaks. If your roof has a low slope, make sure to choose the materials that can prevent water infiltrations. If you are planning on installing tile or wood shingles and shakes, a minimum slope of four units of rise per twelve units of run is recommended.

  1. Improper Flashing Installation

Reusing your old lead roof flashing is one of the most common roof problems. Experts suggest avoiding reusing your old flashing, instead replace this with a new one. Aside from this, make sure that your roofer installs the flashing properly. Misaligned, overlapped or improperly fastened flashings may induce roof leaks.

  1. Inadequate Attic and Roof Ventilation

Improper ventilation in the attic increases moisture content in the surroundings. When the heat builds up, it causing the sheathing to move or deteriorate, thereby shortening the lifespan of your shingles.

Bottom Line

The roof is one of the most noticeable parts of your home’s exterior. This is why you need to maintain its aesthetic appeal and function. By reading this article, you can be aware of the most common roof problems as well as know some ways to avoid them.


Choosing a highly skilled tradesman who can take on the job of repairing and installing your roof while avoiding these common mistakes is crucial. First Class Slate’s master roofers can carry out your roof repairs and maintenance with ease and precision, from restoration of slate or metal roofing, to installation of heritage tiles in Sydney.