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Guide to Choosing the Right Slate Roof Repair Company

There’s no bigger challenge than hunting down the right company to work with on your slate roof repairs. Choosing the right roofer for slate repairs is particularly difficult because slate itself is a very tough material, and problems can only occur occasionally. However, when they do show up, it’s important to make a valid and informed decision when it comes to working with the right roofing contractor.

The First Step

Research should be done before anything else. There is a multitude of slate repair companies looking to offer you their business. It is your job to weed out the unqualified prospects and only go for the ones that are worth it. Ask around for referrals or maybe go online and search for slate repair businesses around your area. Once you have a potential list in mind, maybe 3-4, you can use the following criteria to judge their reliability and efficacy as a contractor.

1. Qualifications and Experience

A solid experience should be valued when looking for the right company to work with. Even if a business has been around for a long time, it’s crucial they can provide ample experience with the specific job you need done. For example, not all slate companies have proper experience when restoring heritage tiles. This is often a unique specialty that reputable companies with adequate experience can only do. Make sure to ask the estimator if they have done similar projects in the past before signing up. If they cannot offer you a sample or refer you to a previous client, then it’s time to look for somebody else.

2. Reputation or Background

Always go with a company that has a proven reputable background. Enquire about their previous clients and if possible, ask if you can contact these clients yourself. It might also help if you ask for referrals from people you trust to ensure you end up working with a business you’re comfortable with. If there’s nobody you know that can vouch for the company, look to online review websites and see what feedback they have from their clients

3. Workmanship

When interviewing potential slate repair contractors to work with, always make sure to check their workmanship. A trustworthy contractor will be proud of their work and won’t be ashamed to show proof of this to potential clients. Ideally, they can show off a comprehensive portfolio upon request and even point to testimonials about the quality of their work.

4. Personnel Training and Equipment

Licensed workers along with the right equipment are also crucial to check when deciding on the right contractor to hire. Good companies will have certified personnel on their roster and will place emphasis in providing the right equipment along with continuous training for their staff. Equipment should be up-to-date, with emphasis on employee safety. Noticing these small things will help determine if you’re working with a company that is committed to giving you quality service.

5. Guarantee or Reliable After-sales Support

Great companies will make sure that they provide proper after-sales support to their customers and even offer a guarantee on their services.

Choosing the right contractor to work with will require a bit of legwork, but finding the right one means you will receive top quality service for a fair price. Make sure to keep these five items in mind as you go about on your search.

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