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How to tell when you should replace or repair your slate roof

Slate roofs have a huge, world-wide reputation for lasting the distance. Most people think that if you have a slate roof then it’s build it and forget about it. But this could not be further from the truth. Slate roofs like all other roofing materials need love and attention. Without this it will need to be fully replaced which can end up costing you more in the long run.

If you are like most home owners, knowing the type of slate roofing product you have is without doubt a question that most will not be able to answer. Only a roofing expert will be able to tell you the exact type of roof and it’s age. Armed with this information they will be also able to tell you what parts of the roof need to be repaired and what needs to be replaced.

This article is written to help those home owners lucky enough to have a wonderful slate roof, with the tell tale signs that the roof needs repairs. Here is what to look out for.

Tip # 1: Be on the look out for any signs of moisture in your attic area or rafters. Slate roof tiles that have become soft or brittle will absorb moisture and cause decay and rot. At the first sign of this, it’s time to take immediate steps to mitigate any further damage. At this point in time the slate is probably too damaged to salvage and will need replacing. Best to call the team at First Class Slate who will be able to put an end to water damage nightmares caused by old and damaged slate tiles.

Tip # 2: Check behind all cupboards and doors throughout the house for signs of leaks or water damage, especially after a heavy downpour. At the first sign of this again, you need to take action as this is a sign that the tiles could be damaged.

Tip # 3: Go outside and look at the roof area where the internal leaks are happening. If you can visibly see damaged tiles or ones that are broken you may have found the issue. A point to note here is that water does travel with gravity so you really need to manually inspect the entire roof.

Tip # 4: Locate any fallen tiles and give then a quick tap with your knuckle. If they sound resonant then this is a good sign that they are mostly in good knick and the issue is probably in the nails that attach the slate tiles to the roof. Dull sounding tiles are not a good sign, meaning it’s time to call your roofing team to do a thorough inspection and see what needs replacing. Either way fallen tiles (regardless of the sounds the make) are not ideal and should be addressed immediately.

These are just a few useful tips in determining the state of your roof. If you see a problem, get on to it straight away and contact First Class Slate Roofing!