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Important Things to Consider When Restoring Heritage Buildings

Many still want to marvel at the beauty and magnificence of old buildings, as these somehow bring back glorious memories from hundreds of years ago. But because time has caught up with these heritage structures, restoration would need to be done in order for them to regain their former glory.

Up On The Roof

If you’re one of those planning to restore a heritage building, there are various things you need to consider to ensure that the job is done successfully.

Planning Permit

Whether you need to do slate roof repairs or exterior repaints, you might need to secure a planning permit before the actual work is done. To be sure, talk to your planner or local council if the house concerned or the work involved would be subject to planning controls and thus would require planning permits.

Style and Special Features

When planning for the restoration of the building, it is crucial to identify its architectural style. Aside from its individual style, also determine its style in relation to the other houses on that street, if it’s part of a heritage street scape. Then finally, you need to pinpoint the special features that largely contribute to the overall look of the building. All of the work that needs to be done, like lead roof flashing replacements or window repairs, should be taken into consideration to keep the structure true to its form.

Paint and Colour

Whether to repaint or not is an important decision you must make when restoring a heritage building. Keep in mind that it will be best to keep the original building fabric authentic and not paint over a brick wall or chimney. If you choose to repaint the other areas of the building though, there are now many paint suppliers that offer heritage colours. Be sure you pick one that compliments the style of the house.


The key to a successful restoration is to follow a minimalist approach. Don’t do too much as you may risk changing it into something it’s not. You can still do repairs while preserving the original look of the building and conserving its heritage significance. For instance, instead of completely replacing the roof, perhaps you can simply do some repairs or replace specific heritage tiles. In doing any type of work with a restoration, always remember to do as little as possible, but as much as needed.

Buildings that are centuries old are beautiful architectural pieces that can be a treasure not just for the owners but for the towns to which they belong as well. Make sure you restore your heritage buildings appropriately by considering these factors listed above so you and your city can live in and see the beauty of these lovely vintage houses.