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Slate Roofs, Perfect for wet climates

There is one natural attribute that slate tiles have over most other roofing materials and that is they do not absorb water. In fact, slate is very resilient to any type of water penetration which is ideal if you live in a wet or tropical climate. Just imagine how safe and secure you are going to feel when those tropical down pours happen. If you live in Sydney, you will know what we mean with the recent months long rain we had in March 17.

So why are slate roofs perfect for protecting your roof against water?

The answer is really simple. Because slate is a natural product that has evolved over millions of years into a compact product that will not allow any water to seep through. This is one of the natural wonders of slate. There are absolutely no chemicals used to make slate, no harmful by products, it has all been delivered to us by mother nature which makes it not only water resistant but extremely eco friendly. In today’s eco obsessed world, this is a huge advantage.

In regards to wet climates, you may think that due to heavy down pours and torrential rain, slate roofs might have an issue with decay and breakage. This could be a big concern for many potential slate customers who are worried that their slate tiles will eventually wear away and break.

However, slate is one, if not the most durable roofing material in the world. It doesn’t rot (which is perfect in tropical climates), it doesn’t decay, it won’t dent or ding easily (unless there is intention behind this to do so), it takes an incredible amount of force to break, and it won’t blow away. After you have a slate roof installed, especially by the team at First Class Slate Roofing, you can expect that it will still be there 50, 75, or more years from now. Long after you are gone, the roof will still be protecting the home or structure below it. This is how fantastic this product really is.

Sure it may cost a little bit more in the beginning but slate roofs will out last any other roofing material and it will add to the resale value of your house when it’s time to sell.

One point to note here is that although we know that slate roofs are durable and highly water resistant you still need as a home owner to check the roof every couple of months just for good measure – this will ensure your roof lasts a long time. If there has been some type of damage (perhaps a tree has fallen on your roof during a storm and cracked a tile) it will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, these type of incidents do happen so you are wise to take precautions against any serious leakages by performing an in depth roof inspection after any type of severe storms. If you are unable to do this, we advise you to contact a roofing contractor who will be inspect all your slate tiles.