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Some of the most common Roofing Problems

Your roof essentially is the barrier between your precious house and the outside environment. In Sydney’s harsh climate you need to make sure that your roof is in great condition and this does require some work. You should never ignore your roof and getting it professionally inspected every couple of years is a good way to ensure that future roofing issues don’t arise.

Below are some of the most common roof problems you should be aware of and what your roofing expert will be looking out for.

Badly installed DIY roofing

 If you’re the type of person that enjoys tinkering around the home, that’s okay. But, when it comes to your roofing this is really a no go zone. If you have installed the roof yourself the chances are high that there are some areas where water will be penetrating the membrane resulting in rook leaks or cracks in the slate, shingles or tiles. If you have not placed the flashing correctly or the roof seals have been improperly installed this can cause some serious damage to your house or property as soon as there’s a storm or torrential rain downpour. If you are guilty of attempting any repairs or installation of your roof, own up to this and get a professional roofing company to inspect the work and fix any problems immediately. Even if there’s no apparent problem, get them to come around and give the okay to your work.

Moisture and animal issues

 Sydney can have some seriously bad weather. Heavy rain, hail and strong winds can play havoc with your roof and if there are any issues or problems with your roof, moisture will certainly find its way through. This will have a devastating effect on your home and belongings. These issues only become a problem once they are noticed so be proactive and take measures to stop this type of moisture penetration happening by getting your roof professionally inspected. Any type of moisture or water leaks are a killer and need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. You do not want your water leaks to become so chronic that your carpet, bedding and furniture needs to be replaced.

Another issue that needs to be addressed are rodents, birds and small animals that have made a home in your roof. Your roofing contractor will be able to easily identify any animal activity in your roof and organise a pest control company to get rid of them.

Overhanging trees

Having a healthy, leafy garden is great but if there are any overhanging tress on your roof dropping leaves and debris this can damage your roof. Overhanging tress can brush against the side of your roof causing cracks and chips that will ultimately lead to water damage. Plus, the sap, leaf pods and dead leafs can also lead to the degradation of your roof. Birds will also love those seeds dropped from the trees and start feeding on your roof more regularly. You do not want your roof to be a sanctuary for any type of animal, especially birds as a result of nearby tress.

In conclusion, you have to take a preventative approach when it comes to the maintenance of your roof. For most home owners, your roof can be very easy to ignore and pretend that issues will not arise in the future. By taking the initiative and investing in a regular roof inspection, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your house is going to be protected and safe for many years to come.