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The Basics of Heritage Tile Restoration

Purchased a heritage property recently? Perhaps you already own a heritage home?

Preserving natural heritage is essential. Hence, it’s no surprise that more and more people are finding great charm in restoring and even renovating heritage property to make it functional in today’s modern world.

Renovating your heritage home delivers plenty of amazing possibilities while offering a number of unique challenges. The good news is, there’s always plenty of help available.

A heritage property can be delicate so it’s important to work with a crew that knows what they’re doing. At First Class Slate, expect thorough assistance in restoring your property. Gerard Murphy and Scott Barton, along with the rest of their team, specialise in heritage tile restoration. They are ready to assist you every step of the way.

If you’re unsure about what a project like this entails, here are some basic questions and answers you might want to know about restoring heritage tiles.

What is Heritage Tile Restoration?

Heritage tile restoration focusses on taking a roof back to its former glory. Tile restoration involves replacing damaged, worn out, broken tiles or shingles and using traditional techniques and the finest quality materials to give your roof the lift it deserves.

Although a variety of materials are used for heritage home roofing, the most popular one is slate.

With a lifespan of more than 100 years, well-maintained slate roofing can last for generations. It won’t be unusual for your children and your children’s children to still enjoy the benefits of a gorgeously maintained slate tile roof.

When do you need tile restoration?

You’ll know when to conduct the process if you see visible signs of wear and tear or general damage to your roof. (This is often prevalent in heritage properties because of their age.) A few details to note include broken pieces of shingles, cracks or missing pieces. Problems like these should be addressed at once to prevent further damage to your home’s overall structure.

Why is it important?

Restoring function and beauty is the primary reason for tile restoration. But there are other benefits you can get as the homeowner when you make sure your roof is cared for.

Here are some of the top benefits to look forward to:

  • Restores the beauty of a heritage property
  • Prevents moisture from seeping through the cracks or through missing tiles
  • Creates a more secure ridge cap
  • Secures your existing tiles in place, preventing further damage
  • Extends the roof life of a heritage home
  • A cost-effective practice (a worthy investment that offers long-term results)

Tile restoration is one of the many ways you can restore your heritage home. What’s important is finding contractors that are qualified and have proper experience in handling an extensive tile restoration project.

When you work with First Class Slate, you will be working with master tradesmen, Gerard Murphy and Scott Barton. They are on site everyday to oversee each project.

Together, they have a combined 30 years’ worth of experience, which includes extensive knowledge and capability in restoring your roof tiles. As members of the Housing Industry Association, Gerard and Scott strictly adhere to high standards. Each tradesman that works for First Class Slate is also equipped with the right skills and is fully qualified to take on every project they are assigned to.

The company takes great pride in their work. They are very confident about observing their superior standards that they are offering a 15-year written guarantee to their clients.

From heritage tile restoration, lead roof flashing, slate roof installation, copper roof installation and even simple slate repairs, First Class Slate does it all.

Call them today at (02) 8068 4612 or email them at this address: info@firstclassslate.com.au. You can also take advantage of their free quote by filling out their contact form.

You can also take advantage of their free quote by filling out their contact form.