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How Will My Slate Roofing Hold Up in a Major Storm?

When you’re deciding what materials to use for your roofing, weather resistance is one of the most important factors to consider. Most places in Australia are vulnerable to storms at different times of year, and you want to know that your roof will be able to handle any wild weather that comes your way.

Standing up to the weather

If you’re considering using slate for your roof, you’ll be pleased to hear that slate is one of the most weather resistant roofing materials out there. Even during a severe storm your slate roof is likely to survive relatively unscathed. If you are in Sydney, slate roofing should be more than sufficient to stand up to the types of weather events you are likely to encounter there. We have even heard stories of slate roofs that were in the path of hurricane Katrina in the US and received only minor damage.

Slate is highly wind resistant, largely due to the fact that it is rigid and won’t flap around during high winds. Because of its rigidity, it’s difficult for wind to get underneath the tiles and rip them off or cause damage to the surface beneath.

Keep the maintenance up

The roof of your home is crucial for protecting the interior and all your belongings. If your roof gives way during a major storm, the rest of your home doesn’t stand much of a chance. While it’s known for its durability and weather resistance, if you want to be confident it is working to its best ability, your slate roofing needs to be in good condition.

Damage to slate roofs does happen over time through expansion and contraction due to extremes of temperature or damage from severe hail or object dropping on to the roof. This can reduce your roof’s ability to withstand high winds. Regular checks by a professional, and maintenance can help ensure that your roof is ready to protect you against whatever weather comes your way.

Slate roof repairs in Sydney shouldn’t be too costly so if you do have a few damaged tiles or deteriorating flashing you should be able to get it fixed fairly easily and ensure that your property is protected against a major storm.

While slate roofing isn’t the cheapest option on the market, it does provide some of the highest level of protection against storm damage. If you live in an area that experiences severe weather conditions, slate roofing is well worth thinking about. Because it is so long lasting, the right type of slate, installed by professionals can help ensure the highest level of protection for your property for decades into the future.