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5 Slate roof styles to give your house a quick lift

If you’re wondering about ways to improve the look of your roof or your home why not go for a new slate roof.

Slate roofs are stylish, durable, long lasting and will add value to your home immediately. Roof slating can be an art unto itself, which is the real hidden beauty of slate.

Slate can be installed in many different ways, some of which are extremely creative. Following are 5 slate roof styles that will make your home look absolutely stunning and ensure that it stands out from all the other roofs nearby.

Standard Slate Roofs: This fantastic style of slate roofs are your basic square cut and are most likely to be equal sizing of length and breadth. This is one of the most popular styles in Australia and gives your roof a uniform look. They are installed evenly on the roof in a horizontal line.

Graduated Slate Roof: Graduated slate roofs are not uniform and will vary in size, length and thickness. This gives the roof a more natural look and the overall appearance is fabulous.

Random Width Slate Roof: It’s quite similar to a standard slate roof where the breadth and length are kept the same but the width can vary. The overall look and feel is very textured which looks amazing once it’s finished.

Textural Slate Roofs: If you want to make a real statement about your roof and add real character to your house why not go for the textural slate roofs. All the dimensions of each tile are different here, which will make your neighbours sit up and take notice.

Staggered Butt Slate Roof:  Another architectural twist of the basic slate roof is the varied use of longer slate tiles. This creates a hang down appearance.

These different types of slate tiles and their application to your roof may sound a bit confusing to the average householder. But, if you’re in the market for a new slate roof and would like to explore al these options then contact us today and we can come out and discuss your ideas and provide an obligation free quote.