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Need to hire a roofer? These six tips will help make your selection process easier.

Not many householders in Sydney will pay much attention to their roof until something happens like a leak, tiles are dislodged or worse water is coming into the house and causing damage. But herein lies the issue; which roofer do they call and how do they know that they are getting a reputable roofer. So following are 6 essential tips to help you find the best roofer for the job and make the selection process so much easier.

1. Ensure they have full insurance and are licenced. It is important to see these documents prior to them accessing your roof. The last thing you want to happen is be responsible for any medical bills that may arise out of any accidents. Insurance is a must and as a minimum they should have public liability insurance. You can check licences at www.service.nsw.gov.au .

2. It is best to go with someone local. This way if anything happens after the job or the roof requires extra work, you can easily get in touch with them. If they are local, they will also want to protect their reputation so getting them to come around will also be a lot easier. All you need to do is Google roofing contractors in your local area.

3. Price is not the main factor when it comes to fixing your roof. Sure, you can get 10 quotes and go with the cheapest, but at the end of the day how do you know you’re getting a good job done. After all, this is your roof and it’s protecting your biggest asset so you will need the very best job done. Scott at First Class Slate Roofing is one of the best in the business, with years of experience so you can feel safe and confident that you are getting the best hands possible working on your roof.

4. Avoid roofers that suddenly appear out of no where after a big storm.These storm chasers are cowboys and should be avoided at all costs.

5. You should always receive a written quote prior to giving approval for works to commence, and the quote should include a detailed scope of works and firm price. This is so important as there are roofers out there that will try to vary the quote mid job leaving you with little or no options. Be very aware of this.

6. Make sure the roofer communicates to you exactly what the issues are with the roof and if you feel as though they are adding extras to bump up the price do not be afraid or intimidated to get a second quote. There are many roofers out there so make sure you are very comfortable with the level of communication and always ask lots of questions. Slate roofing in particular is a niche market, so always ask questions until you feel 100% confident in your understanding of the problems with your roof and the works to be undertaken to fix these.

These are a few very helpful tips to point you in the right direction when it comes to having your roof repaired. If you are still unclear or would like to have more information please get in touch with us today.